Can I do this program from home?

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While you can do the LIGHT program from home, the COMPLETE program is designed around the equipment found in any mainstream gym (med-balls, dumbbells, barbells, pullup bar, etc). Both programs encourage training outdoors regularly. Regardless of which program you choose, it is strongly recommended that you make a habit of getting out of your home for your fitness routine. Studies show that over 80% of people fail to complete at-home DVD fitness programs, and ShiftFit is committed to making programs and products that help you to avoid the unnecessary distractions that exercising in the home can create.


Does the ShiftFit Nutrition Guide allow for me to be Vegan / Vegetarian / Paleo / Whole / Gluten Free / Etc?

Correct nutrition has been a heated debated for decades in the fitness industry, so let’s start by acknowledging that there are many different approaches and that there is no such thing as a “one diet fits all” solution.

The ShiftFit Nutrition Guide emphasizes clean eating and has been designed to be as simple and thorough as possible. Our guide should be treated as an educational tool that teaches you HOW to approach healthy eating rather than telling you WHAT you are allowed to eat for each meal. The guide teaches the pros and cons of carbs, fats, and proteins, gives a thorough listing of foods rated from “poor” to “great”, and displays suggested serving amounts for optimal performance. This approach allows you to keep your Vegan / Vegetarian / Paleo / Whole / Gluten Free / etc. lifestyle and still follow the performance nutrition guidance of ShiftFit.


Is ShiftFit kind of like P90X or CrossFit?

While all fitness programs and philosophies will have some similarities, ShiftFit is extremely unique from either P90X or CrossFit. DVD programs like P90X require you to do every workout in front of a TV and often rely on high reps of similar movements for almost every workout. Most DVD programs have time-based workouts rather than rep based, which means you will rarely be stretched to work beyond your perceived limitations. Our programs provide a calculated progression of reps, sets, weights, and distances that cause you to build strategically upon each workout and exceed what you would do on your own with time-based workouts.

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While CrossFit adds a variety of weightlifting, running, and change of atmosphere, they typically blend every component of performance fitness into daily use with all types of workouts, often using high-skill, high-risk movements for fatigue. As a primary example (respectfully), ShiftFit believes that Olympic lifts should only be used for advanced power production and neurological stimulus, but not for muscular or cardiovascular fatigue. We reserve Olympic lifting, high box jumps, and other power/speed specific movements for our PRO program. Our perspective is that there are safer and equally effective ways to increase VO2 and work capacity than through high-skill and heavy-overhead movements. When you use the best moves and loads for the intended outcome, results increase and injuries decrease.

The above statements are generalities and should not be taken as criticisms. Programs and brands like P90X and CrossFit are doing great things in the fitness world, and we respect ANY group that is empowering people towards a stronger, healthier lifestyle. These statements are simply an effort to paint a picture of the differences between ShiftFit and some of the more common practices in the market.


Do the ShiftFit workouts have videos?

While we are working hard to produce a full lineup of “Workout Preview” videos and a mobile app, ShiftFit is committed to delivering excellent workouts and guidance that cater to the best environments for success. We will probably never offer a DVD series, as exercising in front of a T.V. goes against our core philosophies of varied environments and training styles.

We have created teaching videos for each exercise in the program that aim to provide everything you need to know and nothing you don’t in 1-2 minutes each. These are available on our website and on Youtube for quick accessibility.


If I buy a program, do I get ongoing personal guidance/customer service?

The actual programs/products have been developed to be a stand-alone form of guidance and communication for each of the workouts, and our video library is designed to give our best teaching on each move within the program. If you are ever confused or need clarity on the actual workout details, we are committed to providing email support as fast as possible. For all other types of training questions (i.e. “What shoes should I wear?”, “What if my wrist hurts?”, “What type of protein should I use?” etc) we will provide weekly online video discussions with a variety of professionals in the industry addressing as many questions about training, nutrition, and overall health as possible.

If you have further questions regarding the ShiftFit programs or products, please email us at