There are no shortcuts. Training is hard work, and so is losing fat and gaining muscle. ShiftFit is not a “get fit quick” scheme. It is a steady, responsible progression of full body endurance, strength, and physique improvement. The Muscle Performance Progression developed by Jonathan Collins is designed to approach every system in the body, including muscle gains, fat loss, increased mobility, lowered heart-rate, balanced hormones, heightened neurological response, and drastic improvements in endurance, strength, and physique. Doesn’t sound possible? It is, and the testimonies of our users speak for themselves.

Beyond the training science, the ShiftFit programs and products are designed to give you a fitness education you can use for the rest of your life. You’ll learn how to do functional warmups, perform running intervals and circuits correctly, use proven body maintenance techniques, perform weight-lifting appropriately with mobile video guidance and proper weight selections, and learn how to use a variety of training equipment and outlets.

From Ironman, to Decathlon, to Hollywood, Jonathan has been training and researching for over two decades to nail down what it takes to maximize overall human performance potential. His approaches are proven by his own elite marks (shared on the “About” page), as well as in the results of others. Improved performance and results don’t come simply from working hard. They come from working really hard and really smart over a long period of time. The ShiftFit system is designed for just that – to help you work harder, smarter, over an extended period of time. If you go through the program once, your views on fitness performance will be forever changed (…not to mention your physique).

“I am LOVING working out with the ShiftFit program… I can feel my core getting stronger… I’ve been working out for years…. teaching aerobics, training weights, managing a ladies health club etc…and NOTHING felt like what I am feeling now. I can’t quite put my finger on it, I just know something feels different working out this way than all the other ways I have in the past!” – Kelly P., 50’s


Professional and collegiate athletes, Olympians, and trainers who know what they are doing all have a few things in common. They understand that the body must continually be challenged and stimulated in new ways in order to continue progressing (periodization). Where many fall short is that they simply change things up from time to time with no real strategy on what they changed when, and why. Built within the ShiftFit name is the concept of “Intelligent Fitness Training”. Beyond good form, correct workload, and basic periodization, intelligent fitness training requires every single session to have strategy that is related to every other workout within the program. The truth is that your best sprinting comes after a foundation of running endurance is laid. Strength in weightlifting progresses much faster after you have maximized heart capacity and have carefully built up a load tolerance. Fat loss and muscle gains are best triggered after the groundwork has been laid for an improved metabolic rate and ideal hormone stimulus. Too wordy? To put it in simple terms, Jonathan explains his Muscle Performance Progression as:

  • Endurance: The ability to move a lot.
  • Strength: The ability to move a lot of weight.
  • Power: The ability to move a lot of weight quickly.
  • Speed: The ability to move body weight quickly without restraint.

When the above phases of fitness are developed in the correct order, with the correct workouts and rest for the correct amount of time, massive gains can be experienced. That’s intelligent fitness training. That’s ShiftFit.

“At the beginning, I was shocked by the improvements in endurance. On week 1, I ran a 10:38 mile. On week 9 I did it in 6:43. Then, in the transition to strength training, I gained 8 pounds of muscle in 12 days. …Now, I see guys twice my size struggling with less weight than me on the same move. I don’t get it, but it sure makes me feel strong and proud.” – David H., mid 30’s


Most fitness programs focus on physique improvement. That’s ok, but physique-only training does not address the strategies that create long term, sustainable results. Performance-based training carries intrinsic rewards that far exceed looking in the mirror to measure your success. Also, by training an energy system (rather than one muscle group at a time), your metabolic rate and hormonal response begin to shift. Your body burns calories and grows new muscle long after the workout is over, and your physique results last longer after you have finished the program. The “SHIFTFIT COMPLETE” program spends 6 weeks developing endurance and burning fat, and then progresses in to 6 weeks of strength and toned muscle gains. By the end of the program, all things come together for a body that looks and performs better. The workouts are hard and intense, but each day emphasizes a different muscle group to avoid injury and continue with progress. By rotating muscle groups, continuing to saturate an energy system (endurance or strength), and resting every 2-3 days, you will push forward and see powerful results in a short amount of time.

“ShiftFit has legitimately given me that spark again, and while the workouts are tough, I love how agile and strong I feel. I am completely obsessed and talk about this to everyone I know who will listen. It’s given me the drive, the competitive nature, the desire to get ‘better’. I haven’t felt this athletic in years.”
Jadah C., Former Ivy League Div 1 athlete

Change your thinking. Change your life.

The ultimate goal of ShiftFit is to equip you for a stronger, healthier body and better life. Many of our users have expressed the benefits beyond physique while using this program. Training hard and seeing results brings an extreme feeling of accomplishment that carries over in to all areas. Knowing that you are training with organized strategy allows you to train with focus and fully immerse yourself in the challenge for the day.

Regardless of your fitness or life goals, the ShiftFit programs and online community are here to help. Purchase a program here, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to join the community of people getting fitter, faster, stronger, and all around better at living life with ShiftFit.