About the creator

Jonathan Collins has been passionately studying and testing performance fitness since his first 5k in third grade. What started as a childhood love for running and holistic nutrition grew into a blend of weightlifting and full body performance throughout high school, college, and beyond. His training career covers a unique blend of endurance, strength, power, and speed developed through thousands of hours of hard work and research. Some of his training stats include:

100m                10.84 sec
400m                48.66 sec
800m                1:56
1 mile                4:28
5k                     16:02
Half Ironman    5:02

Deadlift               535lbs
Bench Press        315lbs
Squat                   415lbs
Pullups                42
Clean                  305lbs

After qualifying for nationals in the Half Ironman, his pursuits led back to his true love on the track with the Decathlon (the overall measure of athleticism and human performance). Jonathan has spent the past 8 years training with and under Olympic and professional athletes and coaches to gather the expertise and data needed for the ultimate, full body performance fitness program. His breadth of hands-on experience and elite guidance are key ingredients to what makes ShiftFit so unique and effective in producing results.

Beyond the training field, Jonathan has become a highly sought after fitness/sports model in Hollywood for his ability to truly “perform” for the camera with a variety of skills. Among others, his portfolio includes ad campaigns, magazine covers, and national commercials for a variety of brands, including:

Outside of his athletic and fitness pursuits, Jonathan can be found adventuring with his wife and three children throughout Southern California, chasing down dreams, and helping others do the same. Follow more of his journey at www.Instagram.com/jonathan.collins